Kronberger Malerkolonie course program

Program August – December 2021 Courses and workshops for children, young people and adults All courses and workshops are offered in German. Courses and workshops for children “Growing with art“ and developing inherent skills! The courses focus on deriving enjoyment and developing an understanding of art through hands-on creative work. Art courses for children include painting, drawing, and molding, introducing the children to all the basic techniques of fine art. They will learn how to develop a sensitive eye for their immediate surroundings and how to reproduce them in images. The objective is to stimulate the children‘s imagination and at the same time direct it into creative forms of expression. While the courses are designed to be continuous, they can also be booked individually. The topics are age- dependent, ranging from simple painting and drawing exercises to the execution of aesthetic criteria and the implementation of the participants’ own co ncepts. The children work with large paper formats at tables or easels, using water-based gouache as well as acrylic paints, pencils, charcoal, and chalk. Using clay, paper mâché and other materials, they craft colorful reliefs or objects of fantasy. Weather permitting, the course participants may occasionally take their work outdoors – like the painters of the former artists‘ colony.